About us

HODEI’s shoes fulfill the challenge of closed-loop recycling where the producer, product, and customer are part of a circular model. In HODEI’s loop, you’re not a passive customer, you’re collaboratoring in the design and recycling of your shoes.

HODEI makes shoes on pre-order.
No shop. No stock.

Once worn out, HODEI shoes are returned (for free) to us in order to make new shoes.
The use of only EVA foam allows to adapt the manufacturing process of the shoe to a circular economy model. HODEI manages its EVA stock, whether it’s at the factory, or leased to a customer for the time she/he uses her/his pair through the Eco-Deposit program.
No disposal, only up-cycling.
We start today in hope of having a refined process with minimal waste tomorrow.

The Silent Runner CORE is a shoe made entirely of one single material (EVA Foam) which comes in 2 versions: the CORE and the KIT. The CORE is simply the shoe itself, while the KIT contains additional components (laces, braces, charm) to add extra support and comfort. Each element of the KIT is crafted out of upcycled materials and specifically designed to be easily added or removed from the EVA Foam CORE by the user, without tools or adhesives.


Shoes are made from dozens of overlapping materials being glued or sewn together. They require separation and proper treatment to be efficiently recycled, which are extremely complex and costly steps. As a result, 95% of shoes produced today will end up incinerated or in a landfill, even shoes made of clean or recycled material. After 4 years of research in design, materials and eco-conception, HODEI came up with a unique deconstructable shoe design allowing us to explore a closed loop production model where shoes would be returned at the end of their life, to be reintegrated into the production of new shoes.


We need a shift from having a productcentric to a material-centric approach, disconnecting the life cycle of a product from the life cycle of its constituents. In order to realize that shift successfully we need to work together as an ecosystem: sharing competences within the industry, learning from environmental key players and involving customers.

Ensures that every user returns their worn out CORE to us at the end of its life. To motivate users to return their CORE, we’ve created a financial incentive called the EcoDeposit, a one time 10€ deposit that is refunded after the return. We’ve also made it simple thanks to a reusable packaging service and free as we’ve included the return in the retail price.

MONO-MATERI AL RECYCLING | The last part, in order to fully close the loop, is the recycling of the returned CORE. When we receive the used CORE, we’ll wash them and grind the plastic down to what’s called “flakes.” We’ll mix these flakes in the second- and third- and fourth-use EVA Foam Core with each batch of new shoes so that nothing goes to waste. Environmental organizations promote and encourage monomaterial recycling because it is a high-quality recycling process which allows multiple outlets for the recovered materials and offers highefficiency potential. Our objective is to initiate a material decline production before 2023.