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    The Silent Runner CORE is a shoe made entirely of one single material (EVA Foam) which comes in 2 versions: the CORE and the KIT.
    The CORE is simply the shoe itself, while the KIT contains additional components (laces, braces, charm) to add extra support and comfort.

    Each element of the KIT is crafted out of upcycled materials and specifically designed to be easily added or removed from the EVA Foam CORE by the user, without tools or adhesives.


    All good shoes come to an end, that’s why we’ve created not only a product you can recycle, but one with a dedicated recycling strategy. And your participation is part of that. Go on our website and process your return (it is entirely free), disassemble your Silent Runner - just remove the laces, braces and accessories you may have added - that’s your only job.

    Then, simply drop the shoes in the mail using RePack’s reusable packaging service.


    When the used shoes come back, we’ll wash them and grind the plastic down. The recycling of mono-material goods is a low- impact, energy-efficient process encouraged by environmental organizations worldwide. Right now, we’re using virgin EVA plastic,
    but as we get returned shoes, we’ll mix in the second- and third- and fourth-use EVA with each batch of new shoes so that nothing goes to waste. 

    Plastic is precious, so we’re recycling all of it to keep our impact as light as our shoe. There’s no third-party in our recycling process in order to keep the loop as direct and waste-free as possible.

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